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IK218M Stilizovano 440x100




IK-218M  –  the longest bus we can offer
IKARBUS 218M is a low-floor city bus 18,75 meter long, built on MAN chassis, that complies with EEV norm.

Low-floor and spacious
Low-floor chassis has horizontaly mounted engine which doesn’t intrude into passenger area. Floor height in door area of only 340 mm and step free interior provide easier fluctuation of passengers. Chassis is equipped with electronicaly controled suspension (ECAS) so the bus can kneel to the right to enable easier boarding even when there is no kerb. Besides that, bus is equipped also with wheelchair ramp and there is area provided for accomodation of wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Comfortable for everyone and in any condition
Standard version has 4 doors and 48 seats, with total capacity of 160 passengers. Seat inserts can be plastic, with fabric only, or upholstered (light or thick). First row can be fitted with jumbo seats that are intended for passengers with special needs or people with children. Driver’s workplace is made of fine modern materials and is equipped with MAN dashboard that comes with chassis.
Heating is provided by radiators and/or blowers (fan heaters), with optional roof heating. For cold starts there is pre-heater with circulating pump that can warm up the system with engine turned off. It can also be used in addition to engine when there is need for more heat (very cold weather). Air condition and tinted windows are a lifesaver during summertime. For mild weather conditions there are sliding windows on both sides and electrically operated roof hatches. Driver’s window and mirrors are heated, while first door can be heated or double glazed.

Electronic systems for greater performance and safety
Besides electronically controlled suspension, ECAS, chassis is equipped with electronically controlled braking system, EBS, with integrated ABS and ASR functions. With EBS, braking distance is shorter due to faster response and better braking force optimization and distribution. For better passenger safety bus is equipped with automatic bus stop brake that prevents driving with doors open. Each door has its electronic system that can prevent passengers from jamming.

MAN A24  –  high end performance
This lightweight chassis is driven by horizontaly mounted 10.5 liter engine with maximum output of 265 kW (360 hp), in combination with 4-speed automatic gearbox VOITH DIWA.6. Engine is equipped with modern Common-rail injection system and turbo charger with intercooler, and complies with EEV norm thanks to Oxi-KAT system that consists of oxidizing catalyzer and particulate filter. Main advantage of this technology is that it does not use any reagent such as AdBlue.

Modern construction for long life
Body structure is made from ferrite steel beams and additionally protected. Glazing and side panels are glued onto the body, and made out of various high-quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, polyester, etc. Side panels are made of aluminum sections, while the roof panel is made from one piece pecolite. Stainless steel is used to cover the gap between windows and roof, while front and rear walls are made out of polyester.
Joint-stock company IKARBUS
Factory of Buses and Special Vehicles
Belgrade (Zemun)
Autoput 24, 11080 Belgrade - Zemun
Republic of Serbia
Phone: +381 11 314 92 29
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